My New Studio

Watermelon Wishes is moving!

My New Studio

My grandmother believed, and so do I, that when one door closes another door opens. With much sadness, the time has come for me to say goodbye to Middleburg. Oh, how I have enjoyed  this village and all its charm. It is the kind of place people fall head over heals in love with and I surely did.

Unfortunately, today the town looks nothing like it did when we settled in five years ago. A public works project which involves replacing the aging water pipes and redesigning the sidewalks, crosswalks and lamp posts has aesthetically devastated the town.

This project disruption began at the beginning of the year and is not scheduled to conclude until October 2016—just in time for the Film Festival and our historically long, cold winter. The latter of which played a major factor in my decision to relocate. I tried; but, just could not get beyond the drastic decrease in foot traffic. I desperately miss all of the beautiful people with whom I would conspire and inspire.

And, so, rather than let sadness consume my heart, I set out on a mission to find us a new home and I have! The new space is situated in a similar Main Street centered community. It has charm and charismatic people. It has a coffee shop and a handful of homegrown restaurants. A sweet little post office, a beauty parlor and a yarn shop. It is the perfect place for me!

The only downside (which might also be an upside) is that I also have to say goodbye to our talented artisan team as the new space is on the second floor and will not be accessible to our retail customers. It has been such an honor to represent these ladies and their beautiful brands and I will miss them all dearly. As for the upside, I will be creating a space in which I can continue to mentor and inspire handmade artisans around the world via a new virtual Main Street Artisan Collaboration. In addition, the new space will offer me a permanent home for my sewing blog Sewspire and Watermelon Wishes (the label under which I will continue to market my line of custom diaper bags, camera bags and accessories). All three entities will be wrapped up nice and tidy under the larger Andrea Chapman, LLC umbrella.

While goodbyes are always emotional, I am truly excited for this new chapter and really looking forward to shining my light on these pillars of my business which I have been dreaming and scheming up for years!

I want to thank our artisan team, all of my neighboring shop keepers, my wonderful landlord and our customers for their loyalty and support. I’ve had the time of my life and will cherish our conversations for years to come. That space, was magical, in that it drew in the most amazing creative souls I could have ever imagined meeting. We laughed, we cried (mostly happy tears) and we solved some of the worlds biggest problems right there at 7 W. Washington Street. Many, many thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

So what’s next? We’ll be packing up the shop slowly these next few weeks and I will be moving into the new space the first week of August 2016. I can hardly wait to show you how cute it is! It has a loft! And—the best part—I will finally be surrounded by other creative souls and entrepreneurs who are on the same path as I (more about this to come, I promise!)

Thank you again, for reading, for caring and for sharing.

Lots of love,

P.S. I hope you will continue to to be inspired by and shop our former artisans! I will and am surely going to miss arranging these gorgeous goods: