Moving Day and Moon Pies

I need to eat a Moon Pie or two…

Moving Day and Moon Pies

It’s moving day. And, I need to take a moment, to myself and just eat a Moon Pie or two.

Honestly, I am a bit surprised by how much of myself I have poured into this little shop. Literally every detail, from the wall decor to the organization, was infused with a dash of hope.

In hindsight, as I pack the place up and relive each intention, I can clearly see how much effort I expended in the physical arrangement of things. The beauty. The color. The feeling. It was all there.

Operating this shop was a lot like climbing a mountain. On a personal level, I tackled so many insecurities, that I feel like a Gold Medalist right now. But, on another level, deeper inside, there is a sadness seeping in. I think mostly because it doesn’t feel like my shop anymore┬ánow that everything is boxed up.

I am not going to run from this sadness; but, instead embrace the beauty of it. I know exactly what it is like to operate a sweet little boutique. I do. Yes, I do. I took that dream and I made it real and it was awesome!

Oh, look, there’s another mountain over there. Let’s go for a hike and burn off these Moon Pies. Shall we?